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    GUEST: Mark Laisure, Oneness Coach and Venture Strategist

    TOPIC: "Transforming Business, Out with the Old and in with the YOU!"

    #business #corporate #culture #leadership


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    Get Connected with Brandi Veil

    Get Connected with Brandi Veil

    Connection is Everything

    "We pursue wisdom as if it's something outside of us, wisdom is in us. If we are connected to our higher mind, we can transcend the mediocrity all around us."

    - Brandi Veil




    Our host, Brandi Veil, is a development coach and Integrative therapy practitioner who brings an enlighten conversation with personal living philosophies. The weekly radio broadcast is on Talknetwork.com and Naturalnews.com blog, an alternative media outlet supporting health and wellness founded by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger. TalkNetwork features a holistic products online store with over 35 network show hosts including The Robert Scott Bell Show, Loving Freedom hosted by Adam Kokesh, and The Activation Hour.


    Get Connected opens up with animated questions evolving new age thinking with modern day practices for you to apply after the show. Brandi's says, "it's an evolutionary workshop based show featuring people living and breathing this work." She interviews guests giving actionable tips on personal development, business models, and new economic structures to help you evolve. She is an intuitive, and visionary business women with connections to entertainment, technology, transformational media and mainstream celebrity event markets.


    Get Connected is a conversation with actionable tips on how to connect the live, serve, and work with purpose principles.


    Show topics are wellness, artist intelligence, new economics systems, visionary business, lifestyle and personal development focused on you as the core creator for global transformation.

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